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Do you need a top-notch executive resume in a matter of few days ... or even sooner?
Are you looking to take your resume to the next level but can't afford to pay $2000+ for a professional writer and wait 2-3 weeks for it?
Can you committ a few hours a day for the next 3-7 days to write your resume?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, this system is for you!


You Need A Resume That Sells You As An Executive
But in today's highly competitive marketplace, it is very hard to have your resume stand out among 250+ other executives ... 
unless you have a 2-4 weeks and $2000+ for a professionally-written resume.
But Why Pay THOUSANDS Of Dollars ...
… for something that you get for less than $100?
That's what our customers asked us and that's what we delivered!
Yes, we normally charge $2,000 minimum for our professional high-end executive resume writing service. We’ve been working with C-level, VP and Director-level executives like yourself for 25 years, and our reputation is second-to-none. But, in today's fast moving digital world, it's not always necessary or feasible to provide all our clients the "high-touch" in-person service that some of them require and can afford.
So, We Created An Innovative Solution...


... a high-quality “do-it-yourself” alternative to high-cost professional  resume preparation service. Our team has taken the art of executive resume writing and turned it into a science. It’s a proven system that we’ve developed after having written thousands of successful executive-level resumes. We know what generates career search results, and we’ve put all our unique, proprietary “know-how” into this complete system that we are  happy to introduce to you now.


Teresa M., SVP/GM, Transformed Her Resume In 2 Days For A Critical Interview


Teresa M., SVP/General Manager of a software BU within a larger company, needed a resume for a last-minute interview as a CEO and President of a larger standalone software organization. Her current resume was a problem - it read and looked more like a senior manager's resume than an executive one. Plus, she needed it in 2 days.
Just as Teresa was realizing that it will cost her close to $3000 to have her resume professionally written and expedited - with a decent chance it may still not get done in time - she discovered and purchased our Resume Success System.


See How Our System Helps You Write Your Resume Quickly and Confidently!
Here Is Everything You Get ...

60+ page Resume Writing Guide, including:

·       ► Simple Step-By-Step Instructions: 8 specific steps to write your resume quickly and with confidence

·       ► 23 Page Career Analysis Worksheet: 100+ actionable examples and sample phrases for easy cut/paste

·       ► Resume Writing Guidelines: 6 best practices for the executive resume writing

·       ► Frequently Asked Questions: top 10 questions that you likely already wrestling with (or will be shortly)

·       ► 5 Executive Resume Samples: help you quickly envision your final resume

·       ► 3 Executive Resume Templates : blueprints to jumpstart writing & save hours of frustrating formatting

·       BONUS 1 - ATOPS Framework with 45 search strategies and tactics to focus & troubleshoot your job search

·       BONUS 2 - 18 page Self Discovery WorkSheet - for exploring a potential career change or pivot

·       BONUS 3 - 5 More Senior-Level Executive Resume Samples for more writing ideas to draw upon

·       BONUS 4 - 2 Additional Executive Resume Templates to give you more styles to accelerate your resume

·       PLUS: A Zero Risk 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


The Resume Success System

Contains All The Tools Necessary For You To
Quickly Master and Write Your Executive Resume In 5 Simple Steps
Besides the initial $95 payment, are there any other or recurring fees?
No. Unlike some other solutions, you instantly get all your materials to use forever - without paying monthly or any other charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Greg Yarrington
VP of Operations, Explorisys Inc.
"Worked with me to come up with a viable solution to meet the timeline. Easy to work with and has the customer's best interest in mind. Met my aggressive timeline requirement with very good quality."
Leslie Carter
Director, Professional Services
"I had very high expectations going into this process and having been  disappointed before, I was not convinced that anyone was going to achieve what I needed. You have exceeded my expectations in every way."
Step 1
Nail Your Executive Brand and Job Objective
Step 2
Quantify Your Scope, Results And Business Impact
Step 3
Craft Your CAR Success Stories
Step 4
Draft Your Resume In Style Consistent With Brand
Step 5
Publish In Both ATS-Ready and Human-Friendly Formats






How is your system different from other solutions?
It is tailored to executives with tools that are role-specific and examples-driven based on 25 years of expertise over thousands of resumes.
When and how do I get this system?
Once you have placed and paid for your order, you will receive the email with all the materials, typically within 1-2 minutes and no more than 5 minutes.
What Our Customer Say About Us
Get YOUR Resume Success System for only $95!
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
No Questions Asked. 

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If you’re a roll-up-the-sleeves “DIY” kind of executive, you’re going to love our resume system  that helps you produce a masterful executive-level resume in no time at all.

We explain everything you need to know and dostep by step – so that your resume comes out as if  you paid us our $2,000 full writing fee!



Write It Yourself and Save!


Good guide to follow. Samples and templates were particularly strong. 
Upgrading to a modern resume style and the inline examples - you can almost cut and paste!


There Is A Whole List of Things Most People Do Absolutely Dead Wrong Preparing Their Resume


So we reveal…

  • The #1 most critical element of your resume. (Hint: It’s not what you are thinking right now.)
  • What you ABSOLUTELY MUST place at the top 1/3 of the first page of your resume.
  • How to ‘nail’ your brand – along with the best branding examples we’ve ever seen and done!
  • Right and wrong ways to use keywords, bullets and buzzwords.
  • Precisely where to place the most vital information so it’s exactly where the recruiters and the hiring managers expect to find it!
  • How to design the layout of your résumé so it passes the all-important “6-Second Eye Test”!


All of this – and much more – is covered in our Resume Success System.


Which Kills Their Chances For An Interview!


We want you to take on this writing project with the utmost confidence that you can use our information and tools to accelerate your job seach and simplify your life, save a lot of money to be used elsewhere and custom-design your resume to the way YOU want it… at any time!




What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently can you pay via PayPal using either your credit card or your PayPal funds. Call us or email contact@executiveresume.com with any payment questions.
This Resume Success System Is Just $95!
Resume Success System Can Be Yours For Only $95!

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